About Me

Vancouver BC Photographer. Daughter. Artist. Inquisitor of Life’s Meaning. Sister. Story-teller. Entrepreneur. Tea-lover. Celebrator of Life. Globetrotter. Documenter of Life. Writer. Friend. Dreamer. Nature-lover. Bookworm. Adventurer. Outdoor Junkie. Homebody.

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Here’s my life story:

I’ve led a fairly nomadic life. I have lived in 5 different cities:

Kowloon, Hong Kong/ Halifax, Nova Scotia/ Victoria, British Columbia/ Greater Vancouver, British Columbia/ Beijing, China.

I received my first camera at age 4. It was not a functional camera. It was a “slideshow camera” in which you put fake negatives into to view Hello Kitty images (imagine my disappointment!). I got my first real Polaroid camera from my dad at age 7. I was ecstatic. Nothing was left unphotographed. My dad, eventually, got mad because Polaroid film was expensive and I was going through them like a forest fire on steroids. Today, we’re both grateful for digital cameras.

I decided by age 9 that I wanted to be a photographer when I grew up. My parents were crushed when they found out I ditched the hope of becoming a superbike racer and signed myself up for a major in Photography at the University of Victoria after I graduated from highschool. OK, I lie. My parents were relieved.

Everybody in my family has that traveler’s bug. My parents have lost count of all the countries they’ve ever been to. My big sister alone has travelled to over 100 countries. My other siblings are building their own lists of been-to places.  I, myself, have been to over 90 different cities. I enjoy backpacking and roadtripping but dislike flying.

I love trekking the globe to find the most beautiful places on Earth. Sometimes it means climbing up a glacier in the youngest country on the planet with crampons and frozen gloves amidst a thunderstorm, waking up at 2am to hike up the tallest peak in Southeast Asia to ogle at the sleeping world below or hiking the arid deserts of our neighbouring country to witness the salmon-coloured Entrada Sandstone arches that formed over some 140 million years ago. This world is a gem. The pictures I take on these trips are my treasure.

But my strongest passion is meeting people. Around the world. People like you. I derive joy from learning about you, the things you enjoy, the people you care about, the places you love and every little bit in between. I find fulfillment in helping you record the important things that matter to you. Life is short, especially when you’re having fun! And believe me, it gets harder and harder to remember those important moments as the days go by.

Photographs help make things easier. They tell your story.

No cluster of words can sum up who I am or who you are. We are humans after all. Beyond our easily distinguishable outer appearances, humans are multifaceted creatures that exhibit unique and complex emotions, thoughts, goals, behaviors, skills, desires and…well, you get the idea.  It’s the different combinations of these qualities that make us…individuals.

You are special. I am special too.

When words fail to tell who you are, pictures can help fill in the gaps—and if you lack the words, let the pictures do the talking.

Send me a message and let’s start building your story.

[Life is sweet. Document it.]