Join The Circus?

Posted on May 2, 2012 by Cindy Wu


Ever dreamt of plump flying purple elephants? Or elaborately dressed colourful clowns on an ant-size unicycle? You might have, at one point in your childhood or…in recent years. You even fantasized about running away from this complex society of convoluted ideals and practices to join the simple, entertaining community of eccentric circus members.  But then you snap back to reality when you realize that your wife and kids are at home waiting for you to put food on the table–or that your student loan payment is due at the end of every month along with the 20 other bills that will eventually find their way into your mailbox.

Well, fantasize no more! Joining a circus is a lot easier and more affordable than you think. What’s even better is that you don’t have to give up your real adult life! Check out the Vancouver Circus School located in New Westminster, led by Ringmaster, Travis Johnson. It’s a good way to learn the circus arts, keep fit, have fun and live out your childhood/manhood/womanhood dream!

Read more about the modern day circus school here. They’re also showcased in this month’s Vancouver View Magazine (P.30-31), a feature written by Karra Barron and photographed by me.

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